Riverside Office Tower

Brand development and brand campaign

The Riverside Office Tower WAYV at Offenbach harbour will be the eastern prelude to the lively harbour district. Designed by the renowned Frankfurt-based architect’s office Meixner Schlüter Wendt, the high-rise will highlight the harbour area like a navigational aid. With its wave-shaped building and its middle bend, its central location between the harbour plaza and the river bank, the ultimate in digital infrastructure and office spaces that can be customised to individual means, WAYV is clearly a member of the future generation of high-rises. In a marketing pitch initiated by the client Eyemaxx, acre was able to convince the client and blackolive advisors’ broker team with their creation. The objective and task for acre was to position the new office tower on the island of the Offenbach harbour as a desirable office tower with a modern workflow and lifestyle on the waterfront. To achieve this, the task was to design an integrated communication concept, while the individual architectural language and the tower’s location were to be the main ingredients of the project’s brand development and brand presence. acre developed the office building’s name, claim and logo, defined design parameters and elements, worked out the brand story and the positioning and rolled out a targeted dramaturgy of measures.
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  • Type of project
  • Office tower
  • Location
  • Offenbach am Main
  • Client
  • Eyemaxx Real Estate Group
  • Disciplines
  • Strategy, positioning, name development, logo, brand development, image concept, supervision rendering process, construction fence and flags, landing page, website, digital presentation, media and public relations, give-aways
WAYV Riverside Office Tower (Waves Graphic)
WAYV - Let Work Flow

Name and brand

WAYV combines the two words “wave” and “way” to create the artificial name WAYV. In this symbiosis, WAYV merges various distinctive features of the new office tower into a new identity: the water location (on the river, in motion), the shape of the building (multiple bends), the various building lines and thus the connecting element that the tower occupies in form and function at Offenbach harbour. WAYV stands for a dynamic office high-rise that brings a new quality to the multifaceted micro-quarter of the harbour.

The shape of the logo in high letters illustrates the height and elegance of the building and at the same time the strong momentum of the seemingly endless lines that run around the building. The flowing water and the location on the river Main is also cited in the form. The font used, Söhne, is a modern interpretation of the classic Akzidenz-Grotesk typeface, combined with elements of the Helvetica typeface. It embodies the contemporary character of a new-generation office tower.

The WAYV Office Tower stands pointedly and succinctly as a landmark at Offenbach harbour and embodies a new self-image. In this attitude, the definition of the quality of the location and the affiliation to the building’s class merge to form the strong, positioning subline RIVERSIDE OFFICE TOWER.

Monochrome colour schemes of black, white, grey and restrained light natural tones demonstrate coolness, courage, conciseness as well as modernity and underline the significance of WAYV as an expression of future-oriented entrepreneurship.

Sketch WAYV
“Similar to a navigational aid, WAYV offers a point of orientation in the urban fabric and functions as a landmark for the entire Offenbach harbour area.”
Claudia Meixner, Meixner Schlüter Wendt Architekten

Imagery and supervision visualisations

In order to convey the image of WAYV as a high-rise office building of a new generation and to make the product tangible for potential tenants, users and multipliers, acre developed strong visual worlds in cooperation with bloomimages, Hamburg, which demonstrate the qualities and the location of the building.

Imagery surroundings

Picture collage surroundings


On its project website, WAYV presents itself in a striking, minimalist design, with the atmospheric visual language coming into focus, supported by gentle parallax effects. The intuitive navigation guides users through the site. Visitors to the website will find all relevant information on the building and its usage concept, office spaces and location, as well as the offerings and lifestyle of its surroundings, embedded in a stringent user journey. In this way, the website combines an attractive user experience with search engine optimisation, responsive on all end devices.

Digital marketing presentation

To support the blackolive real estate team in their sales talks, acre developed a digital, animated presentation. WAYV’s architecture and usage concept, its location and environment, as well as the numerous options for office space design are brought to life in the animated browser-based presentation.

WAYV digital presentation
WAYV digital presentation - highlights

Site hoarding boards and flags

WAYV site hoarding boards
WAYV Offenbach - site hoarding boards
WAYV Offenbach - flags


Towel and bag