Wohnen am Loemühlenbach

Marl, the second largest city in the Recklinghausen district, is located in the northern Ruhr area. With Grüngut, a small residential quarter with 37 condominiums is being developed in the center of the city, which has around 85,000 inhabitants. Set back from the main road and embedded in a landscape design, Grüngut presents a new quality of life that appeals to all generations. acre was commissioned to develop a brand identity corresponding to the location, the quality and the target groups and to implement it in various marketing measures. The name, project identity and mix of measures are aimed at a clientele that is already based in Marl or the surrounding area. The name Grüngut communicates the central brand attributes naturalness, clarity, reference to nature, maintenance of value, solidity and warmth, which form the basis of the brand appearance.
  • Type of project
  • Residential
  • Location
  • Marl/NRW
  • Client
  • Maroli GmbH
  • Discipline
  • Naming, branding, corporate identity, imagery, supervision renderings, brochure, website, poster advertising, branding showroom, digital presentation
„We want to create good things for Marl.“
Markus Römer, developer
Die Gestaltung spielt mit dem Thema des Wasserspiels und dessen Lichtreflexen als Spiegel für Idylle und Freiheit.