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– brand story for a smart building

With YRDS, an office building with 37,400 sqm of space for new working environments is being built in the north of Dusseldorf. The centerpiece of the large-scale, striking architectural design by SOP Architects is a converted courtyard. From here the special atmosphere of the house unfolds. Another important aspect of name and brand development is the digital readiness of the building. By integrating smart building technology, YRDS acts as an active, easy-to-use office building. The brand development YRDS works, consolidates the two core characteristics of the product into a concise identity that opens up a great deal of creative freedom in the course of the campaign. Design, color and imagery as well as the developed tools convey an office property in which digitality and a feel-good vision of working merge.
  • Type of project
  • office building
  • Location
  • Düssldorf
  • Client
  • Art Invest Real Estate
  • Disciplines
  • Branding, naming, logo design, project identity, digital design, webdesign, digital presentation, give away
Das Bürogebäude YRDS von SOP Architekten
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smart office Fakten über YRDS
YRDS is a building that shapes the future together with its users. The brand YRDS conveys this feature catchy and contemporary.``
Anna Wortmann, Investment Manager, Art-Invest Real Estate
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