CHAIRS art installation and HOME SPACE experience floor –TOWER185 in dialogue with its target groups

Social change, the megatrends of digitalisation and globalisation, and not least the pandemic have led us to question familiar views of what work looks like today and in the future and how corporate culture is lived. Companies are driven by the question of how we will work and what office space for this must look like in the future.

As a progressive office tower and Frankfurt landmark, the TOWER185 places the issues of transformation and change at the centre of its communication – with the companies already based in the building, with real estate agents and with companies interested in renting space. To this end, the TOWER185 implemented a three-stage analogue user journey in the building, which actively addresses the central key topics of the property – sustainability/ESG, quality of stay and new work transformation – in a modern exhibition. In addition, visitors are given impulses for the design of the working environments of the future, thus promoting dialogue with the various target groups.

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  • Type of project
  • Office Tower
  • Location
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Client
  • Deka Immobilien
  • Discipline
  • Concept and creation of art installation, concept and creation of branded space

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Three Touchpoints – One Story

From the CHAIRS installation in the lobby, to the HOME SPACE exhibition parcours and experience floor on the 45th floor, to the inspiring NEW WORK LAB sample area – three coordinated touchpoints allow visitors to experience the multifaceted processes of the owner‘s active asset management and the further development of TOWER185. They show what has been achieved, what is new, what is becoming, and create a creative setting in which people can exchange ideas about the transformation of work and develop individual solutions together.

Chairs Installation

The sculpture in the lobby as a strong symbol for the core subject of change, which raises questions, opens dialogue and arouses interest for the HOME SPACE as a central letting tool (Realisation in cooperation with Morgen Interiors, Frankfurt/Main)

The Home Space

Experience and workshop space that presents the key themes of TOWER185 and invites relevant target groups to develop new office space concepts in a joint dialogue (Realisation in cooperation with raumagentur, Offenbach)

New Work Lab

The showroom for the design of contemporary office landscapes that sensitises tenants to think and plan their needs not only with a focus on functionality but also on sustainability (Planning and implementation by raumagentur, Offenbach)

„We believe change is best realised in a place where transformation is understood as an opportunity and managed in partnership.”
Annette Kaiser, Asset Manager, Deka Immobilien Investment GmbH


The transformation to the New Normal encourages us to leave our comfort zone and see change as an opportunity. The temporary installation CHAIRS developed by acre was the eye-catcher in the lobby of TOWER185 – it raised questions and thus encouraged the viewers to engage with the topic. At the same time, it „linked“ interested parties to the central marketing vehiclefor tenant loyalty and letting, the HOME SPACE on the 45th floor.

Idea and concept

Randomly stacked chairs in DEKA colours on a black pedestal formed a seemingly casual, floating composition. The expressive sculpture picked up on a core theme of the contemporary working world: Change. „Sometimes change looks like chaos. Together we identify the opportunities.” The accompanying message formed an invitation to engage with change in our current working world and to see the transformation taking place as an opportunity.

The stele next to the installation creates context and links via QR code to the Home Space story on the TOWER185 website.

The installation, frozen in a moment of disorder, of chaos, provides a powerful allegory for the current situation. Disruption provides ambivalent sensations such as disorientation, loss of control, but also dynamism and energy. Change sometimes looks strange. The breaking up of familiar structures gives rise to new spaces, new constellations and a multitude of possibilities that simply did not exist before.

02. THE HOME SPACE – Inspiring tour through the world of TOWER185 as an exclusive offer for tenants and prospective tenant

How does the TOWER185 realise ESG? What visions of the future are being worked on in the background? Which team makes daily, smooth operation possible and how does TOWER185 support companies in the ongoing transformation of the working world? These are just some of the questions addressed by the newly created, temporary Experience Floor on the 45th floor of the office tower. The home space, designed by acre in dialogue with Deka Immobilien and implemented by raumagentur, opens up an opportunity for companies to „wander through“ pressing contemporary issues and find answers in collaborative exchange.

Idea and concept

The Home Space invites visitors to walk through a flexible room-in-room structure, so-called „cubes“, in which they can explore the current key themes of sustainability/ESG, quality of stay and new-work transformation. Square wooden constructions depicting different thematic spaces involve the viewer with partially reflecting surfaces, on each of which a key question encourages exploration. Inside the cubes, the contents are presented in different media. Various design objects, a workshop zone, a selfie point, an outro bar and a number of surprises make it possible to experience the multifaceted world of TOWER185.

CUBE 1. Sustainability

How the TOWER185 realises sustainability

The TOWER185 was built with a high demand for sustainability. Ten years after its completion, the general conditions and sociopolitical awareness have changed. Today, sustainable building operation is more relevant than ever. With the Home Space, Deka Immobilien is now presenting for the first time at a glance the comprehensive overall concept with which the TOWER185 is continuously reducing its CO2 footprint and thus saving valuable resources as well as costs for its own tenants. Visitors will gain an insight into asset management with smart data technology from Meteoviva, the promotion and expansion of climate-friendly mobility and an overview of a wide range of measures that show the way to sustainability in practice.

CUBE 2. New Work

Hello New Normal: New working environments at your fingertips

Understanding tenants‘ needs and implementing them in the operation of TOWER185 with a strong team is the goal of owner Deka Immobilien. With this willingness to engage in dialogue, the subject of New Work is also addressed at the HOME SPACE: The blue cube highlights the new normal of the working world and shows current trends. The adjoining Workshop Zone with its flexible furniture offers a dynamic playground for the joint exchange of ideas. This is where current tenants can clarify pressing issues and discuss new requirements for office environments, with the aim of redesigning their own rental space in TOWER185 so that employees feel comfortable and rediscover the office as a central meeting place. With various seating options, flexible partition walls and modern presentation technology, the workshop zone offers the perfect environment for a variety of workshop formats or meetings.

CUBE 3. Feel Good

Feel good place for every day

Another important station is the Feel Good Cube. This is where visitors can experience how the TOWER185 focuses on the well-being of its tenants and their employees and constantly sets new accents through a variety of events, campaigns and innovations.

CUBE 4. The Team

CUBE 5. Future Vision

A look behind the scenes and into the future of TOWER185

The Home Space also celebrates teamwork: In Cube The Team, the strong cooperation between owner Deka Immobilien, property management Strabag, facility management BNP, architects PM Architekten and broker BNP becomes vivid.

Fast Forward to the future TOWER185

For the particularly visionary people, the Future Vision Cube provides a glimpse into TOWER185‘s future: strong ideas that will further develop the office tower towards the transformation and working world of tomorrow, and which are already being discussed by the TOWER185 team, are outlined here.

The sketchbook give-away

Selfie Point