The Squaire
Frankfurt am Main

The mixed-use mega property houses two hotels, office space, restaurants, retail and services, and parking. With a length of 660m and a width of 64m, it is a landmark with a direct connection to the ICE train station and Frankfurt Rhein-Main Airport. We have been accompanying the property in the retail, catering and service sectors since 2006.

  • Type of project
  • Mixed-use property
  • Location
  • ICE train station and Frankfurt Rhein-Main Airport
  • Client
  • IVG real estate
  • Disciplines retail consulting
  • Disciplines retail consulting
    Analysis and recommendation, evaluation, concept development, supervision of implementation, rental contract negotiations in the role of owner representative
  • Disciplines communication
  • Strategy, brand development and storyline, logo development, marketing strategy and marketing documents

Our services in detail

Development of a gastronomy, retail and service concept
Analysis of the catchment area, the competitive situation including current and forecast developments as well as the target groups
Presentation of the potential for the economic optimization of retail and catering space, taking into account the technical feasibility
Evaluation of the property-specific sales potential
Presentation of possible optimization options including cost estimates
Preparation of leases Addressing potential tenants and conducting rental contract negotiations in the role of owner representative
Quality assurance in the implementation of tenants
Support for tenants in the context of project development
Development and implementation of a complete branding including storyline