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For more than a century the Ku‘damm Eck has been one of the most prominent commercial and multipurpose edifices shaping the face of Berlin’s City West. Having become known around 1900 as a residential and commercial property, then a clothing company with a glass lift, in the ‘70s the Ku’damm Eck morphed into a multipurpose building, offering entertainment and retail, and boasting a famed neon advertising billboard. Later, it became a prime upmarket hotel complete with luxury stores. Today, the iconic building offers a unique urban mix of uses, ranging from shopping, work, fitness clubs and spa to hospitality and socializing, thus setting new benchmarks in the world of office and retail real estate. On behalf of RFR Management GmbH and Centrum Gruppe, acre developed the brand Ku’damm Eck and an individual marketing concept with a targeted dramaturgy of measures, in order to position the product effectively and add a contemporary charge to its identity. The brand image reflects the identity of today‘s Ku’damm Eck as well as its contemporary use and architecture, while, at the same time, being an homage to its history and location on the world-famous boulevard of Germany’s capital.
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  • Type of project
  • Commercial building
  • Location
  • Kurfürstendamm Berlin
  • Client
  • RFR Management | Centrum
  • Disciplines
  • Strategy, brand name check, logo, brand identity, web design
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