Brand development

acre realises the brand development for the Kaufmannshof at Zollhafen Mainz and positions the ensemble as an emotional lifestyle product at the harbour. In a pitch, we prevailed with our concept for the Kaufmannshof and defined a language and visuality that takes up the tradition of the historical Kaufmannshof and brings it into the present. The Kaufmannshof in Mainz is 360° surrounded by water due to its canals and its location at the harbour basin. The focus of the brand development for the property was on creating an emotional brand. The curved letters of the logo thematise the flowing of the water and the anchor symbol recalls the tradition of the Kaufmannshof. Together with lively and contrasting colours and the special serif, they form the cornerstones of the brand.
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  • Type of project
  • Residential, office, retail
  • Location
  • Zollhafen Mainz
  • Client
  • CA Immo & UBM Development
  • Disciplines
  • Strategy, positioning, naming, brand development, teaser, flyer, website, SEO, supervision renderings
Visualisierung Kaufmannshof
Brand development Kaufmannshof animated anchor symbol
Kaufmannshof Wort-Bildmarke mit Claim
Corporate Schrift Kaufmannshof
Anwendungsbeispiele Signage Marke Kaufmannshof

The brand development Kaufmannshof found its first applications with the aim of marketing in the tools teaser and landingpage / website. The striking brand on the cover of the teaser was refined with relief varnish to match the theme. The teaser tells the story of the modern office and living concept that is being realised at Kaufmannshof. In order to visually and invitingly tell the variety that the building unites, we developed the idea of a concept image that shows an “open” section through the building. In this way, the versatility and smartness of the property is conveyed at a glance.

Brand development Kaufmannshof Teaser Close-Up-Cover
Nahaufnahme Kaufmannshof Teaser
Aufgeklappter Kaufmannshof Teaser
Kaufmannshof Teaser aufgeklappt
Home between canals & port.
Briefhüllen Kaufmannshof
Kaufmannshof Präsentation auf iPad

In the first phase of marketing the Kaufmannshof website was to be realised as a pure landing page. The most important information about the project should be available online in a visually appealing way. The integration of moving images, an animated presentation of the building section, basic search engine optimization and a responsive presentation across all devices were also part of the task.

Website Kaufmannshof auf iPad
Brand development Kaufmannshof Website on iPhone
Website Kaufmannshof
Responsive Website Kaufmannshof