Heilig’s Blechle book series

Book series Heilig’s Blechle

A photographic documentation of property developments in Baden-Württemberg


Identifying and tapping hidden potential for innovation, working together with municipalities, architects and local companies to achieve the optimum for the respective urban structure – this is what project developer Aurelis Real Estate sees as its task. This work requires some imagination and a little courage. In Baden-Württemberg, Aurelis has discovered many such areas – even away from the large metropolises. They disguise themselves as former freight stations, industrial areas or warehouses. But the exciting thing, apart from the project developer's perspective, is the practical reality on the construction sites, which makes the past and the future acquainted with each other in a curious way. Since 2016, acre has curated such snapshots in the Heilig's Blechle book series, documenting the fascination of change: snapshots from history, episodes of transition and transformation, greatness on a small scale.
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  • Type of project
  • Office, commercial, logistics, residential, city districts
  • Location
  • Various locations in Baden-Württemberg
  • Client
  • Aurelis Real Estate GmbH


  • Discipline
  • Concept, text, book design, editorial design, graphic design


Love at second sight
Heilig’s Blechle inside pages
Heilig’s Blechle Booklets
Heilig’s Blechle - inside pages book series
“Heilig's Blechle often carries great stories in itself.”
Thaddäus Zajac, Managing Director, Aurelis Real Estate GmbH

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Heavy metal

The Heilig’s Blechle book series opens eyes and hearts to the discarded sites that are awaiting a new destiny. The books are produced with special finishes, whereby the materials and effects applied always revolve around a metal theme.

Heilig’s Blechle Booklets
Heilig’s Blechle - construction site documentation
Inside Cover Intro

Movement and standstill

Progress, upward movement, evolution. Then again standstill or temporary downward movement. The clear visual language captures all facets of the moving and the static. The interplay with selected quotes creates a humorous look with a twofold meaning at the work of the successful project development company Aurelis.


we like to move it
Heilig’s Blechle - inside pages construction site documentation
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