Strategic brand management for Groß & Partner

We had the pleasure of assisting our long-standing client, the renowned project developer Groß & Partner, with strategic brand management at the corporate level. In addition to the maintenance of the corporate website and the development of a high-quality company brochure, the task was to standardise the design of the subsidiaries' GP CON, GP LOG and GP TEC brand appearance in interaction with the parent company Groß & Partner. With various print and digital measures, we succeeded in continuing the high-quality brand management of the Groß & Partner family of companies, modernising it and enriching it with new impulses.
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  • Type of project
  • Corporate
  • Location
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Client
  • Groß & Partner
  • Disciplines
  • Strategic brand management, logo refresh of the brand family, website, website extension, SEO, corporate brochure, imagery concept, digital presentation.

Unification of logo styles: A strong unit

Originating from the Groß & Partner parent company’s logo, the word and picture marks of the subsidiaries were to be revised and unified. Derived from the stylised “G” in the Groß & Partner colour gradient, the subsidiaries are from now on confidently placed in a square of identical colour and size. The simple strategy of this revision leads to a clear appearance of the subsidiaries with high recognisability.

The Groß & Partner Company Brochure 2023

For selected clients and multipliers, a company brochure was to be realised that tells the story of Groß & Partner in its entirety and is produced in a way that represents a haptic and aesthetic experience.

The right brochure for an outstanding, creative real estate company

acre designed an elegant hardcover booklet as a sleeve for the brochure’s versatile contents. The cut-flush bound booklet made of solid-coloured grey cardboard and spine binding tape in light grey linen as well as two-coloured hot foil on both materials reflects Groß & Partners’ demand for quality and differentiation.

The history of the company, its philosophy and values, the people and range of services behind it and, of course, the high-quality projects all come together elegantly in the handy, bilingual brochure. Silver accents on a dark background alternating with intense green-blue gradients on a light background create a stimulating interior. The high-quality natural paper Blocker with an even surface renders both the people pictures and the real estate photos rich in detail and clarity.

Websites – extension and redesign

acre extended the existing website of the parent company Groß & Partner with additional pages and updated selected content in line with the company’s tonality and corporate design. In addition, we developed new, compact websites for the subsidiaries GP LOG and GP TEC to match the existing GP CON website and also updated the latter’s content and design.

Darstellung verschiedener Seiten der neuen Website - Startseite, Menü (Unternehmen, Geschäftsfelder, Projekte, ESG) sowie der Startseiten der Tochterunternehmen-Websites GP LOG und GP Con.

Digital presentations

With the aim of achieving a consistent brand management, we supported our client in the development of various digital presentations for different target groups and branches of the Groß & Partner parent company.