Brand development for a high-quality apartment building

In Frankfurt's West End, project developer FGI realized the high-quality Friedrich residential building. FGI engaged the real estate marketing agency acre for the development of the brand and the entire brand appearance. The elegant multi-family house, which in its architectural language ties in with the timeless old buildings and city villas of Frankfurt's residential district, was to be positioned as a particularly high-quality product.

  • Type of project
  • Living
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  • Frankfurt / Main
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  • FGI
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  • Positioning, name development, brand development, logo, corporate design, mailing, brochure, construction fence, construction sign, floor plans, packaging, give away, showroom, newsletter, neighbourhood communication

Brand and corporate design

The focus in the development of the brand was to create a distinctive visual language that refers to a selective, cosmopolitan taste of the developer as well as the new residents. The brand name is derived from the address and forms the centre of a brand world rich in colour and form. A variety of patterns, which are derived as free interpretations from the architecture of the building, form the foundation of Friedrich's appearance. The patterns are individual and each one is assigned to an apartment. The basic colours are a rich brown and a tinted orange.

Individual customer mailing

acre translated the desire for a special first contact of potential buyers with the product Friedrichstraße 39 into a personal letter mailing. Elegant cards made of high-quality uncoated paper, on the backs of which the various patterns were printed in special colours, formed the core of a handwritten letter from the broker.


The sales brochure was implemented in two versions. On the one hand in a handy format for distribution to potential buyers. Here, too, high-quality uncoated paper and special colours were used, as well as the swiss brochure as a binding to emphasise the manufactory idea of the project development. A second, oversized version was produced by acre for use in the Friedrich showroom, to present the visualizations of the residential building and the entire world of Friedrich in a particularly impressive way.

Showroom, floor plans, penthouse marketing

Penthouse Folder

The Showroom Friedrich was set up especially for the sales talks. In cooperation with Morgen Interiors, acre developed the use and furnishing concept for the sales room. In addition to the well-tempered furnishings, special highlights were the elaborately designed floor plans in elegant packaging and 19 hand-made enamel signs. They were printed with the Friedrich patterns and each sign found its place as inlay next to the entrance door after the purchase and completion of the building.


In order to positively promote communication with the neighborhood during the construction phase of the project and to proactively inform all residents regularly about the progress and possible restrictions, acre developed a print newsletter tool. The newsletter was produced at regular intervals and distributed to all neighbors and multipliers, thus preventing potential complaints and optimizing the flow of information.

Construction fence

Construction Shield

Construction site sign Friedrich