Live. Dwell. FRANKY

In Frankfurt's Gallus district, a new home is being created for people with different lifestyles and in all phases of life: FRANKY is a residential quarter as varied and lively as its hometown and its neighbourhood. FRANKY is being realised by aam2core as asset manager for a pension fund based in Southern Germany. Whether young professionals or senior citizens, singles, couples or families - FRANKY offers suitable living arrangements for everyone as well as space for encounters, everyday needs and a sustainable energy concept. The FRANKY brand identity stands for freedom and diversity, for quality of life and security, and acre was asked to develop it.
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  • Type of project
  • Residential, childcare, gastronomy, retail
  • Location
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Client
  • aam2core
  • Disciplines
  • Name development, brand development, trademark application (DPMA), logo, corporate identity, imagery, illustration concept, website, SEO, building site hoarding

Name and brand development

The name “FRANKY” expresses the bond with the residential quarter’s hometown, Frankfurt/Main. A loving homage and nickname in one – FRANKY is made in Frankfurt and shaped by the values of this most international city in Germany: inclusive, modern and friendly – FRANKY is built for everyone who would like to live here.

Logo and typography

Big and bold, the FRANKY logo is presented in the Agrandir font and carries the residential quarter’s silhouette as its centrepiece. Agrandir is a contemporary sans serif typeface family designed as a bold counterpoint to neutral modernist fonts. It celebrates the beauty of imperfection.

FRANKY Markenwerte
FRANKY Farbwelt
FRANKY Quartiersplatz

Vibrant colour scheme

From reddish brown, delicate rusty red and ochre, to pastel ice blue, apricot and cream, to black and strong dark green – the colour palette of FRANKY is colourful and celebrates diversity. Self-confident, likeable and authentic, it conveys the youthful and open spirit of the urban residential quarter.

FRANKY Illustration Quartiersplatz

Authentic illustration concept

With an original illustration concept, FRANKY succeeds in both addressing its target group individually and at the same time creating a likeable image. The characters created in collaboration with Frankfurt-based illustrator Lara Hies bring the FRANKY brand and residential quarter to life. In loving, colourful portraits, young, older and same-sex couples are given a face, and singles and families, all of whom find a new home in FRANKY, come to life.

FRANKY Markenillustrationen
The FRANKY brand brings joy. And so does the new residential quarter for its future inhabitants.
Alexander Rotter, Director Asset Management
FRANKY Mobile Website
FRANKY Mobile Homepage

First landing page

In the initial communication phase, FRANKY will be given a one-pager with intuitive didactics and structure. The website, which uses discreet scrolling animations to provide the first basic information about the rental flats, will be further expanded in the course of the upcoming marketing phase. In the present pre-marketing phase, the first renderings as well as the brand and illustration concept are currently being merged into a coherent unit. Interested parties will find an overview of all basic information and the latest news on the residential quarter.

Bauzaun FRANKY Frankfurt am Main

Building site communication

The FRANKY building site hoarding along Kleyerstraße is around 270 m long. With a combination of high-quality aluminium dibond panels with prints of the illustrations alternating with renderings and wooden fencing painted in the CD colour dark green, the construction site is striking and beautifully packaged. The FRANKY logo was applied by stencil and in different CD colours in an even rhythm. In this way, FRANKY remains true to itself even at the construction site.


The XXL construction sign on the container castle appropriately sets the scene for the large-format logo next to the aerial photo and provides the most important information about the project’s partner companies.