Umbrella brand for a micro apartment concept

With the umbrella brand DIE ZIMMEREI, acre has developed a bold approach to positioning a micro flat product in the German-speaking world. Instead of designing another English-based brand, we opted for clarity and directness and deliberately gave the product, which is to be rolled out in German-speaking countries, a German name. DIE ZIMMEREI by aam2core Holding AG focuses on closeness, a certain down-to-earth mentality and a pinch of humour in addressing its young, vibrant target group.
  • Type of project
  • Micro apartments
  • Location
  • German-speaking countries
  • Client
  • aam2core Holding AG
  • Discipline
  • Brand strategy, brand development, umbrella brand strategy, logo, project identity, image concept

Appearance for a young micro-living product

The appeal of the DIE ZIMMEREI brand unfolds in its simplicity, which is both smart and pragmatic. Designed for the target group of young urban professionals who feel at home both in the real and digital world, the word mark presents itself with a contemporary habitus and lively colourfulness.

DIE ZIMMEREI is direct. DIE ZIMMEREI states what it is all about: simply good rooms!

Concept for a clear online presence

In addition to developing the basic brand parameters such as name, language, logo, colours and an image concept, we designed the basic layout for the website of the new micro-apartment chain.

Icons and clear messages

The website, which is to function as an important rental tool, picks up on the language and life situation of the target group in order to address their needs. An icon concept derived from the logo grid forms an additional design level of the brand world and supports the classification of information for the user.