Breeze living
Am Ufer des Phoenix Sees

Breeze, light breeze, gentle waves, picturesque light and shadow play. The lake under the wide sky. A soothing breeze on your skin - it tells of a special place and an idea of how to live. Acre developed the entire brand identity and positioning as well as sales-supporting marketing and communication measures for the 11 lake villas on Phönix See in Dortmund-Hörde.
  • Type of project
  • 100 apartments for rent
  • Location
  • Dortmund-Hörde
  • Client
  • Revitalis
  • Disciplines
  • Branding, Naming, Logo, Positioning, Communikationsconcept, Print & Publishing, Broschure, Digital & Interface Design, Webdesign, Ads, Groundplandesign, Construction Site Comunications, Construction fence, Construction Sign, Events
„A narrative of a special place and an idea, of life.“

The identity of the Breeze living brand is based on the leitmotif of relaxed, maritime life on the water, inspired by elegant residential ensembles in the south. The name and logo as well as the overall composition of colors, shapes, language and images reflect this basic idea.

Roofing ceremony Breeze living