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Micro apartments Dortmund.

Our longstanding client, project developer Revitalis from Hamburg, is implementing his first micro apartment concept in Dortmund. He commissioned us to develop the brand and brand identity with the aim of successfully renting the apartments, which come on the market in three size categories and equipment variants. After careful target group analysis, scanning of the growing micro-apartment market and detailed product briefing by our client, acre developed the name and positioning behome, which summed up the need of a mobile and flexible target group to be, at least temporarily, at home.
  • Type of project
  • Micropartments
  • Location
  • Dortmund
  • Client
  • Revitalis Real Estate AG
  • Disciplines
  • Naming, branding, logo, corporate identity, trademark registration, imagery, floorplans, flyer, website, eventmanagement, hoarding, poster, banner
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behome - Markenentwicklung Farbkonzept
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The brand
Behome meets its target group of students, trainees, career starters and commuters with a positive and lively appearance. The chosen corporate font Neue Kabel enables a strong brand personality. The initials B and H form the appropriate symbol for the new “favorite place” of the target group. Key brand attributes such as friendliness and communication skills are conveyed by the color concept, evolving around a sunny yellow center. Ocher, anthracite and shades of gray convey comfort and a modern sense of style.
Image concept
Behome's brand appearance includes an image concept that captures and reflects the target group in their lifestyle. The portraits show an international user group looking for uncomplicated, aesthetically appealing micro apartments in which they can feel comfortable.
behome - Richtfest Event Stockbilder
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Search engine optimized website

As a central marketing channel, the bilingual, responsive website was created in WordPress. The CMS allows to expand the site at any time. Also, the client has the opportunity to make editorial changes independently. A high ranking could be achieved through targeted search engine optimization of the page with keywords individually tailored to the target groups.

behome - Markenentwicklung responsive Website
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behome - Markenentwicklung Farbkonzept Website desktop
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„Behome's brand identity understands the needs and the lifestyle of our young, flexible target group. And that's exactly why it works so well.“
Thomas Cromm, chairman, Revitalis
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Behome be visible – outdoor advertising

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behome Roll-Up

It was a pleasure for us – eventmanagement

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